Conference Coordinators

For questions about specific seasons, such as on race promotion, scheduling, rules issues, and Women Events, contact:

Dustin Yue (HSU ’08)
Mountain Director
[email protected]
Virginia Solomon (USC ’13)
Women’s Cycling Coordinator
[email protected]
WCCC Opening – Job Application
Road Cycling Coordinator
Interested in being the Conference Road Bike Coordinator? Contact Erikaceae for more information.

Media Representatives

     Kirsten Pearsons (UCD ’15)
Media Coordinator and Graphic Designer
Erikaceae Pearsons (UCSB ’11, CSUS ’14)
[email protected]

USA Cycling National Contacts

     Jeffrey Hansen (Colorado College alumnus)
USAC Regional Programs Manager (Collegiate, High School & Local Associations)
[email protected]

Kristen Uhlemann
USAC Interscholastic and Club Development Coordinator
[email protected]

Jan Luke-Hamasaki
USAC Western Regional Coordinator
[email protected]

Northern California Nevada Cycling Association

     Keith DeFiebre
President, Event Scheduling/Race Calendar
[email protected]

Ted Fisher
Race Permits and Post-Event paperwork processing
[email protected]

NCNCA Official Website

Southern California Nevada Cycling Association

     Eric Smith
President, Permits
[email protected]

     SCNCA Official Website